Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Members accept that the information they provide when registering on the jaBUY.com system and adding content is correct and that they are responsible for the damage that may result from incorrectly entering this information and that jaBUY. com cannot be held responsible in any way.

It is forbidden to post content on jaBUY.com that is contrary to customs, immoral, aggressive, provocative, offensive, and the member’s account can be closed without warning.

Your personal data registered on jaBUY.com will not be marketed to third parties.

Information, documents, graphics, images etc. created by jaBUY.com members and uploaded to the system for publication. has the right to publish the content for promotional purposes and / or move it to another address that jaBUY.com deems appropriate on the website. It is possible that this published information will be copied and / or published by other users. In such cases, the jaBUY.com member does not charge any license fees or similar fees.

Due to a complaint to the judicial authorities on jaBUY.com, your personal data and / or any information about the use of your website may be provided at the request of the judicial authorities. This agreement is executed in accordance with the worldwide laws of the internet without legal objection.

Our users who have completed the jaBUY.com membership process have read and accepted the membership terms above.

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