Royal İlaç | Feed Additive

Royal İlaç, Türkiye

Royal İlaç | Feed Additive
Royal İlaç is a Turkish-English Co-Investment; established in 07.09.1995 with a focus of the purpose of producing high quality animal feed, animal health care, feed additive, premix, licking block, mineral block, bolus, teat dips and safety products using a scientific approach, thanks to well trained professional staff and advanced technology equipments by adapting know-how system. As Veterinarians and Agricultural Engineers of Royal İlaç, our main purposes are: to prevent animals from diseases, meet their needs and take advantage of their potential in an efficient way while respecting their welfare.

Royal İlaç, as a chemical and animal health company which is mainly producing feed additives, licking products, complementary feed has adapted the “Farm to table” movement. In fact, we are controlling the feed to food quality and safety, including: fodder, feed and animals performances thanks to our sustainable nutrition solutions.

Royal İlaç is a global animal health and nutrition company which is proudly operating in 70 countries around the world and striving to produce complete solutionsfor veterinary services, farms and related industries.

Our company also recognizes the importance of biosecurity and agro-defense. In fact, livestock diseases are endemic in many parts of the world and threats from old and new pathogens continue to emerge.

Royal İlaç, has entered the field by reflecting its credibility on the biosecurity products using the latest and most advanced technology equipments, most of these products are patented biosecure, with the cooperation of Dow Chemical which is known as a world leader in the chemical industry.

Furthermore, our company produces the Masdisin and Dezinfex Series products for the cleaning and disinfection of livestock housing, equipments and utensils, as well as the hygiene of the staff and the general atmosphere.

Royal ilac is a company which has total quality management HACCP and GMP Plus European Union Quality Certificate,.

Royal Ilaç has been one of the leading company in its sector and has set as missions:
– To demonstrate its values by improving the sector using its energetic, dynamic and innovative approaches
– To produce in a modern plant using the latest and the most advanced technology in the sector and incorporating GMP+ quality systems
– To promise working with participated, competent and well trained technical staff
To respect biosecurity and to be eco-friendly

ISO 9001:2000 specifies the requirements for a quality management system: the company demonstrate its ability to produce consistently according to customer needs and quality standards.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)+ ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
Yem İşletmesi Onay Belgesi is a certificate of feed and feed additives manufacturing issued by the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Royal ilaç led to change the laws about licking blocks and feed additives with negotiations with Agriculture Ministry before our investment

With the establishment of legal sub-structures, we brought a lot of innovation to our country, such us:

Development of the licking sector (new products, different shapes and weights)
– Licking blocks with vitamins
– Licking blocks with calcium and phosphorus
– Ammonium chloride licking blocks production for cattle
– Exportation of licking blocks
– 2, 3, 5, 10, 20kg licking blocks production
– Fly repellent licking block production
– Molasses based Vitamolix production
– Other kind of Vitamolix production

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